How to make your child a better orator?

We use language to express our intentions, describe our feelings, and understand the ideas of others. Research suggests that vocabulary is enormously important to children’s development,especially in reading. Fortunately, a child’s vocabulary is not predestined. Rather, parents can have a real impact on children’s vocabulary knowledge. Through this blog we would be helping you out[…]


5 Steps to Good Parenting!!

#1: Be a Role Model:

A primary form of learning for younger children is modelling and mirroring the actions and lifestyles of their parents. So if you are the type of parent who hasn’t picked up a book or attended a course since graduating from High School, do not expect your children to develop a love for learning, because they want to be just like you. […]


List of all competitive exams school students can give!

To compete at the national and global levels it is imperative that the students are exposed to the competition at national levels right from the beginning. Here is the detailed list of all competitive exams every student should look up at. Read and Educate. The presentation consists of details of: NTSE, NSTSE, International Olympiads, NSO,[…]