Role of Teachers in the Digital Classroom

The role of teachers in Digital Classrooms is of real importance. Teaching is a form of nurturing which is equivalent to parenting. The traditional image of a teacher, standing in front a blackboard, and disciplining and lecturing a class of 40-50 students, won’t be true in coming years. It is imperative for every teacher to take on the role of a mentor who encourages her students to leverage technology in their journey of knowledge discovery – and do this with same nurturing guidance as they always have. The online environment creates an opportunity for new modes of teaching and provides access to different cohorts of students with different needs and expectations from on-campus students. Management should support teachers to develop a range of strategies to respond to the often conflicting expectations of students that expect a teacher centred, content driven process; and contemporary educational theory that argues for learning centred, active, even self-directed educational processes.

At Hi-Tech Gurukul interaction is a key activity that enables the teachers to build and participate in an e-learning community amongst students. The teacher has an important role in managing and facilitating an interactive learning environment, through both the traditional mode of teaching and technology oriented method (Studying with tablets). The teaching role is integral in the building of a wholesome learning community which facilitates all the important areas of the education system in the school.

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