August 22, 2015

E-Learning Methodology

e-Learning Methodology: Tablet Learning

At Hi-Tech Gurukul, our students are provided with tablets for learning. Each tablet is loaded with rich, multi-media and interactive content. The tablets are fully compatible with online teaching & learning platforms and can be easily integrated in everyday classroom routine. The Adaptive content on these tablets addresses the needs of all level of learners i.e. Fast, Medium, and Slow-paced learners which is currently not present in conventional education system.

These tablets are connected to the school’s cloud server facilitating easy access to learning resources between students and teachers. We put teachers in control of the students’ tablets in classroom. This way, the students can see only the apps and web-links chosen by the teacher. E-learning helps teachers distribute apps, web links and content in the classrooms and manage students more effectively by monitoring their screens or freeze them in a click to avoid distractions. The screen shared by the teacher from laptop is visible to the students. This method creates an interactive classroom-learning environment that improves students’ engagement and academic performance.

Tablet learning also allows students to submit their assignments from anywhere across the globe. The integration of tablet learning in classrooms can have a huge impact on the students’ performance, without being classroom distractions. It enables students to become self-learners, while teachers can play the role of mentors.

Hi-Tech Gurukul (A CBSE affiliated school) is Eurovision’s showcase school to provide 21st century learning coupled with the traditional ethics and principles. Being the first E-learning school in India, Hi-Tech Gurukul makes use of tablets as a means of imparting education to its students. Know more about us at

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