August 19, 2015

Why Choose Us


With the inspiration of using technology as a medium to enhance the learning experience, Hi-Tech Gurukul (A CBSE affiliated school) is Edusolutions’ new venture to provide next century learning coupled with the traditional ethics and principles for the students of CBSE Class nursery to senior secondary (Class 6th to 12th). Being certified as first e-learning school in India by Microsoft®, HiTech Gurukul makes use of tablets as a means of imparting education to its students.

The learning programme is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the traditional ethics and principles of a Gurukul. Pulling the chords of E-learning and Gurukul concept together, we give students the exposure to a global level of education, connecting them through the roots of Indian Culture and nurturing them via concepts of Gurukul. With regular Yoga, Dhyan, Moral Lessons & activities, Shram-Dan, we ensure a healthy life style for our children.

With world class infrastructure and a myriad of extra-curricular and traditional Gurukul activities, the school aims to set a benchmark in the global schooling system.

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