August 22, 2015

Why E-Learning

E-learning makes use of different forms of technology to deliver the information to the students. The use of rich media content in the form of e-books, images, and videos, for instance, is admired because it provides a more engaging learning environment to the students.

Imagine the students having to learn the entire course by just reading textbooks. Chances are that their minds will begin to wander and they are likely to lose interest on the topic before they even understand it. The use of E-learning, makes the curriculum a lot more appealing — and occasionally, a more interactive experience.

What students used to achieve with half a dozen textbooks is now made available with just a touch, in the form of a tablet. The ability to visualize the concepts through tablet learning helps in grabbing and holding the students’ attention. Facts and ideas are well elaborated rather than being simply printed on the tablet screen for them to read and understand. Smart E-learning through tablets helps the students absorb the information in a better way.

It is a transformation of previous methodology, used in traditional schools, from ‘one to many’ to ‘one to one’ guided system of learning.

Hi-Tech Gurukul (A CBSE affiliated school) for class nursery, primary (Class 6 t0 8), secondary (Class 9 to 10) & senior secondary (Class 11 to 12)  is Eurovision’s showcase school to provide 21st century learning coupled with the traditional ethics and principles. Being the first E-learning school in India, Hi-Tech Gurukul makes use of tablets as a means of imparting education to its students.

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