January 11, 2016


What makes Hitech Gurkul Microsoft Showcase School?

Smart Learning

Tablets Make a Difference in Learning

Studies have found that tablets can make a huge difference in the learning habits of students. Students have this tremendous ability to work skillfully with various devices. What students used to achieve with half a dozen textbooks is now made available with just a touch, in the form of a tablet. It is a transformation of previous methodology, used in traditional schools, from ‘one to many’ to ‘one to one’ guided system of learning.

At Hi-Tech Gurukul, students are provided with tablets for learning. Each tablet is loaded with rich, multi-media and interactive content. The Adaptive content on these tablets addresses the needs of all level of learners i.e. Fast, Medium, and Slow-paced learners which is currently not present in conventional education system. These tablets are connected to the school’s cloud server facilitating easy access to learning resources between students and teachers.

Tablet learning also allows students to submit their assignments from anywhere across the globe. The integration of tablet learning in classrooms can have a huge impact on the students’ performance, without being classroom distractions. It enables students to become self-learners, while teachers can play the role of mentors.

Significance of Tablet Learning


The new-age kids have tremendous potential and can go way beyond textbooks. They are highly imaginative, creative, and instinctive by nature. Hi-Tech Gurukul introduces Adhyayan – an initiative that enables students to gain more knowledge with hands-on experience, model making, robotics, and practice-based learning activities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Adhyayan is a unique education pedagogy and an initiative to promote practice-based learning in classrooms simulating real life situations. With this initiative, we intend to foster innovation and creativity amongst our students, by bridging the gap between theoretical and practical education.

It is a platform where the kids can showcase their abilities and skills in a relaxed and fun environment. This practice-based learning approach at Adhyayan will enable our students to acquire skills, knowledge and hands-on learning experience sought by industries worldwide.


An Extended Family for the 21st century learners

“Gurukul” is more than just a school, it’s like an extended family for the kids. Although “Gurukul” is an age old concept, Hi-Tech Gurukul aims to merge this concept with the 21st century classrooms. We believe that only modern-day education is not the real education; incorporating education with spirituality and ethical values is real education.

Our kids today are ushered with a dramatic technological revolution. The challenge today is to reinvent the education system for the 21stcentury learners. Our holistic approach to teaching is coupled with the concepts of new–age learning; while also imbibing traditional values and culture.

We preserve the underlying fundamentals and principles of Gurukul while addressing the concepts of this ever-evolving, challenging, and complex world with exciting new possibilities. Some great morals are also imparted to the students by means of story-telling. Story-telling has proved to be one of the most effective ways in establishing a unique bond with the kids.

We at Hi-Tech Gurukul trust spirituality and morality as powerful elements that form the basis of life for any individual. Hi-tech Gurukul dedicates time and efforts to all students in order to make them successful in their respective careers, engraved with the elements of spirituality, morality, and sociality. We encourage our students to develop a positive attitude towards learning, which will make them better individuals tomorrow.

SkAp Test (Skill & Aptitude Test)™ 

Clearly, to be successful life, our kids need to develop much more than just academic skills. Every student has different kinds of intellectual strengths and it is extremely important for them to learn how to use them. The education which treats different types of kids the same way could turn out to be the most unfair education.

At HiTech Gurukul, we understand that every student is different. Hence, the learning methodology integrated to teach every student must not be the same.

With this vision, we came up with Multi-Nature Test for our students to identify their individual strength and weaknesses and their unique capabilities. Some kids are good mathematically, some in linguistics, some highly creative, others are very logical. The test results help the teachers and the staff determine this and shape the child in the best possible manner to be future ready. Only such enriched forms of learning practices can help our students become multi-skilled, collaborative, creative, and comfortable in their skin.

Multi Lingual Learning

In this increasingly competitive world, why not give our new generation every possible edge? With globalization in full swing, it is very likely that these kids will be interacting and working with people whose first language isn’t necessarily English. HiTech Gurukul, thus, emphasizes the need of foreign languages in schools from an early age.

The objective of the World Languages Department at HiTech Gurukul is to ensure that students achieve near-native fluency in a target language. Learning a foreign language will provide the students with a deeper understanding of the culture and history of native speakers. Opening up to a new language and culture allows the students to be more flexible, adaptive, and appreciative of different ways of doing and looking at things. It offers a host of socio-cultural and personal benefits and is best introduced at an early age. Hence, the department provides early training in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in foreign languages such as Russian, Japanese, French and Spanish.

Lab Classroom

Earlier the student used to sit in the same class and teachers change the classes but in lab concept teachers do not change their classes, instead students used to come to the respective lab. In lab concept school is not divided on the basis of classes but it is divided on the basis of labs. There is a separate lab for each subject in which all the teaching aids related to that subject are kept.

Advantages of lab Classroom

  1. Students and teachers feels themselves more organized.
  2. It is easy to manage their teaching aids. Earlier it was very difficult for teachers to carry so many teaching aids with them to different classes.
  3. When students moves from one lab to another they feel fresh as the negative energy they have accumulated tends to shed by their movement.

Redefining the Idea of School Library with e-Library

Libraries have a history of inspiring young minds. HiTech Gurukul reshapes the notion of school library services with e-Library. Today, the digital technology has changed the way students think and learn. Modern day school libraries need to be more efficient and collaborative to help students learn better with easy access to information. e-Library, thus, is an interesting alternative to a stuffy and silent reading room filled with books.

e-Library gives students the ability to access e-library collections effortlessly anytime. At HiTech Gurukul, E-Library redefines the idea of a typical library setting where students can search for books on a central system (consisting of 3.5 million books) and get the copy. The easy-to-use interface makes searching for books a lot easier. Essentially, e-library is more than just a center of information access. It acts as a center for learning that extends support to the students even outside the classroom.

Skill Development

Foster Learning with Skill Development

The world is slowly turning into a knowledge economy from being an industrial one. HiTech Gurukul, thus, presses on the need for students to learn “Next Generation Skills” and prepare them for the new, highly competitive, digital age.

Skills learning such as problem solving, critical thinking, agility, adaptability, multi-tasking, collaboration, imagination, self-discipline, effective communication, and social skills amongst others are extremely important for character and personality development of these new-age kids.

The objective behind skill learning at HiTech Gurukul is that the new generation, who will come of age in the 21st century, should be taught different interdisciplinary skills that were perhaps taught to the students of the 20th century. The skills that they’d be learning here will help them meet the increasing demands of this complex, competitive, knowledge-based, technology-driven society in future.