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Be Smart, Learn Smart: E-Learning

Smart Learn system implements a new technology in class rooms. The students are eager to embrace new technology. Tablets are fully compatible with online teaching – learning platforms which can be easily integrated in everyday classroom routine.


  • Facilitates a paradigm of ‘one to many’ to ‘one to one’ guided system of learning.
  • Assessments and analytically captures on the go.
  • Active e-books cover the syllabus for the school year.
  • Guides in building the key skills, LSRW – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills in children.
  • Question banks with term based FAQs.
  • Loaded with Audio Visual Video content
  • In case of absence of a child, the study materials can be easily accessed and downloaded from wherever they are.
  • a complete proof blocking and alert system is installed in the children’s tablets and the server restricted sites are blocked before hand to prevent misuse of tablets.

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