On 21st March 2016, the students of St. Joseph’s Hi-Tech gurukul organized a signature campaign to save our forest and our loving tiger ‘USTAAD’. T24 (USTAAD) is a nine-year-old dominant male tiger in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. On May 8, he was held responsible for the killing of a forest guard named Rampal Saini and was transported 400 km away to a biological park in Udaipur. Ustad’s is not the case of a typical man eater. The deaths attributed to him have been spread out over a five-year period, with all kills occurring in his territory. In other words, he has not gone out seeking people to kill. Students said that Around India, tigers have lost over 96% of their territory to development project and they will try their best to save the territory of ‘USTAAD’ and will pray for its freedom.IMG_20160321_085244 IMG_20160321_085409 IMG_20160321_085315 IMG_20160321_093105 IMG_20160321_093450

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