Why Hi-Tech Gurukul ?

1. To prepare children to ensure their acceptability in global market.
2. Children take SMART CLASS ROOM at home in form of tablet.
3. If child is absent from the school, he/she may assess the class assignments online from home and submit the home-assignments also online and watch videos for enhanced learning.

4. Parents get updated about :-
(a) Child’s attendance
(b) Performance in class tests
(c) Time schedules and programs in school
5. Looking at the concerns of parents, a Full-Proof blocking and alert system is installed in the tablets.
6. Cloud based child assessment system, with the help of which a student can access class, submit assignments and even attempt test from any corner of the world.
7. Lot of educational games, interaction platforms with child’s classmates.

3 thoughts on “Why Hi-Tech Gurukul ?

  • My child is loving school the more she goes and every day comes home with a great story whether it be about activities, friends or teachers she always has a good day and I have noticed a great increase in her skills like reading and writing, thank you all.

  • My child has learnt quite a bit since she started at st. joseph’s gurukul , I am really pleased with her school report, keep it up! The teachers are fantastic at what they do as well!

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